First off, if you need to ask this question, there’s a good chance you probably shouldn’t… because it requires you to see just how low you will go. Will you go for a 6, will you go for a 5, will you go even lower by focusing on a girl’s features that keep her in the game? Are you an ‘Ass is right’ kinda guy, forgetting to focus on the halfway-to-eruption boil on her left cheek or her stinky breath? Are you a glass half full, a glass half empty, or an “at 50% capacity” kind of guy? Can you get past deformities, through your own insecurities, and focus on the positive in your female counterpart? Whichever way you go, this game will test your character, your taste, and your mental fortitude. At the end of the day, it’s also an indication of where your ego stands at the most current point in your life. At times, even the toughest may fall for that 4, that 3, maybe even that fucking 2! If given enough shots of tequila… if even for 30 minutes or less (nothing to do with Aziz Anzari’s pizza movie). You will be tested at times, and other times, pleasantly delighted that by saying “I would”, you are probably not alone (I probably would), and if you practice this in your daily life, you may just find love… for yourself, and for another.

… Would you?