I’ll be honest, I grew up a Nets fan. Jersey, baby. Fist pumps and pizza, bitch. What can I tell you? However, as a local guy and someone who never cared too much for the Nets, I will give credit where it’s due. Ewing was a beast. New York Knick, 11-time NBA All-Star, NBA Rookie of the Year, All-NBA First Team, and… NCAA National Champion. That’s the big one right now. The old Hoya is headed back to where he used to face off with Michael Jordan and his Tar Heels.

It’s only fitting that a concrete jungle, which features blacktops in every park from Brooklyn to Queens, would be a baller empire. However, the Big Apple seems pretty unsure about that right now, with the Nets and Knicks absolutely baffled at how to create a successful team. Anyway, fact is Ewing is back in college. Maybe he’ll even say fuck it, throw on some grey, and get out on the court to show some pussies how to do it right. I mean the dude is still huge. He’s still black. Hell, I’d put him against Hodor on Gonzaga right now if G-Town was in the big game just to see what happens.

On second thought, maybe not…


Here’s a highlight reel of the put-back king:

As a fan of posterizing slams and Michael Jordan, I had to throw this video in here as well. Sorry, Ewing.

Oh shit, this one too…

We’ll end on a positive note. Dude looks like he’s on stilts. “The Big Guy” as they keep saying.