Tony, Tony, Tony. Where do I begin? I feel like I’ve known you my whole life. Your cheesy-ass smiles. Jessica Simpson rooting for you from the stands (can’t imagine what those conversations were like). You fumbling the snap in the playoffs against the Seahawks and running your heart out against all odds (giant dudes ready to rip your panicking head off). You always had this way about you, where you’d throw for 450 yards and still somehow lose. You’d be among leaders of the league in stats, but still not make the playoffs. You’ve been special, buddy. Not only to me, but to this entire league.

We could watch you play in dismay, every time something tragically went wrong for you and your Cowboys. Panic in the pocket. Frownie faces on the sideline. The oversized shoulder pads always making you look a little more white. And I would be lying if I said I didn’t root for you, even as a Steelers fan. I did. And it was always fun (mostly funny), Tony, watching the whole thing play out. It was like a Shakespearean tragedy. A dark comedy. But hey, you even had your comebacks when no one but Cowboys fans a few others believed in you.

Well, I believed in you Tony. I believed in you to do something. I knew you would play… not this season, but throughout your career. I could always count on you going out there, and playing. And you played your heart out, Tony. You really did. And that deserves an applause, or at least a minor cheers. Cheers to you, Tony. I look forward to hearing you commentate and will miss your ridiculous facial expressions making me laugh on football Sunday, even if it was laughing at you. You will (probably not all that much) be missed, brother.

And here is my favorite, the snap. The hold, I should say. The field goal that never was. The 5-yard dash. #MrPanicHands. My favorite fucking video. I swear, I can watch this over and over again and laugh every time. You let the win slip right through your hands, literally. Quality not bad when clicked)

I love how one of his highlights is him not being able to pick up the ball for 25 yards the wrong way, then somehow gaining 1 yard. That is the story of Tony Romo in one play. God, it is so fucking perfect. @ 00:30 in. Also, a great highlight reel as well obviously.